Educational Butterflies

Video Lab by Klaus Obermaier (2016)
IUAV University
Multimedia Arts Undergraduate Degree

This is an interactive installation meant to be inserted in a natural museum or for an educational event.

Two Butterflies groups move thanks to the use of the corresponding spheres.


The red group let the audience interact with the three main characters: sunflowers, oak and pe­ach tree animate when the Butterflies pass by (and an instrumental music follows the same rythm).

Instead, when the blue Butterflies pass through the natural elements, an informative blackboard ap­pears showing some basic informations and curiosi­ties.


The spheres are localized by a webcam able to track color and movement, interactively following them. To create the animation and the installation we have used the pro­gram Max, while for models and the animations have been created using Cinema 4D. 

Team members: Veronica Bennici, Federica Delprino, Messua Mazzetto

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