This project has born from the observation of the relationship between the city of Venice and peo­ple passing by, so the (un)care towards what they are surrounded by. The island is full of walled-up doors, not feasible but still with a street number. People aren't used to noticed this kind of details and at the same time they ignore each other, forced to be dose in narrow alleys (calli). The aim is make people understand the oddity of the forced closeness, the drama of the current unconcer­ned space sharing. Where is the threshold, the limit?

After a historic research, I've done a fieldwork, stalking people in a set position (sometimes showing the camera, sometimes not) in the middle of a nar­row calle, in front of a walled-up door or from a win­dow on the ground floor. 

I've decided to intensify my experiences through a performance, putting 24 people on the two sides of "Calle de Dona: occupying a huge part of it; they had to fix the people passing by. It's a provocation for people who never look around and is used to routine, but also an experiment which shows the variety of reaction in an uncommon situa­tion. 

Art Lab by Agnes Kohlmeyer (2016)
IUAV University
Multimedia Arts Undergraduate Degree
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