Interaction Design by Marco Brambilla, Maristella Matera, Roberta Tassi (2016 - 2017)
Advanced User Interfaces by Franca Garzotto, Maristella Matera (2017 - now)
Politecnico di Milano
Communication Design Master Degree

ABBOT is an interactive toy, born to stimulate kids around 5/6 y.o. to play outdoor and explore natural elements.

They can "catch textures" and become true explorers and start their own material collection!


"Playing Outdoor, Recommending New Content: Stimulating Kids' Learning through the ABBOT Smart Object" 
for KidRec2016 during ACM Conference (27th-31st August 2017, Como).

"ABBOT: a smart toy motivating children to become outdoor explorers"
for AVI Conference (29th May - 1st June 2018, Castiglione della Pescaia)

also available on Re.Public@Polimi

Team 2016-2017: Federia Delprino, Olivia Ferrari Bravo, Niccolò Izzo, Maddalena Mariani, Chiara Piva

Team 2017-2019: Federica Delprino, Mirko Gelsomini, Niccolò Izzo, Chiara Piva, Giovanni Tommasi



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